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Thank you for visiting the website of ‘De Gunfactor’ a word that may sound like double Dutch to you. ‘Gun’ comes form the verb ‘gunnen’ which is Dutch for ‘rewarding’ and ‘factor’ has the same meaning in Dutch as well as English. Literally translated ‘gunfactor’ means ‘business reward factor’. More freely translated, i would say it means ‘goodwill’. It does nót mean ‘buy or i shoot’. In fact, the bestseller i wrote on personal effectiveness in sales has the title ‘Verhoog je gunfactor’ which means ‘Increase your goodwill’ and has an exact opposite explanation on how sales should be working.

The services i provide for my clients must aim at truly contributing to the effectiveness of the sales organisation of my clients. Having been an entrepreneur in sales recruitment for 20 years whith a staffed company to look after, i now am an independant consultant, author, university teacher and businessman and intend to stay that way. How do i retain clients? I ask them at the start of any assignment to fire me hassle-free as soon as they start to feel that my services are no longer of value to them. I have been fired zero times by my clients.

My services always start with a comprehensive research of what a client truly wants to achieve with its sales force. After that, we share thougts and end up with ideas like a new sales proposition, sales-workshops, a cold calling ‘off site’ day, personal coaching of sales staff, a presentation for a sales team or recruitment of key sales staff for vacancies or projects. About the latter: please be aware that i am a boutique, not a bodyshop.

For any international client that wants to make a difference in the Dutch market by improving its sales and finds it fun and rewarding to work with me: count me in!

This is the only English tekst on this website, the blog as well as the other chapters are in Dutch. Don’t worry you now know what there is to know, or else, feel free to contact me.

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