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FIND HERE the FAQ’s about ‘Exact Online for ZOHO CRM’

Exact Online for ZOHO CRM help documentation


  • Synchronise in real time all Accounts and Contacts or alternatvely only those that have related Invoices between ZOHO CRM and Exact Online
  • Segment clients based on actual turnover and on realized potential
  • Create a true 360 dgree view on your clients, including transactional information
  • Trigger workflows for your team based on transactions or financial trends


  • Install ‘Exact Online for ZOHO CRM’ developed by De Gunfactor from Zoho Marketplace or from the App Center in  Exact Online
  • In the dialog box, agree to the terms and conditions, and authorize the plugin to access your Zoho CRM account.
  • Before installation, click to agree with the terms and conditions and, if desired, also click to agree that you will receive more information from us
  • Choose which users can acces ‘Exact Online for ZOHO CRM’ and click continue.
  • From here, you can go directy to ‘settings’ :
  • You are now being asked to login to your Exact Online Account from the relevant instance
  • Signup into your Exact Online account
  • After following these steps, you will see the following screen meaning ‘Exact Online for ZOHO CRM’ is ready to go.

Important: After following these steps and you do not see the below screen, make sure that in ZOHO CRM, the native modules Items, Invoices and Orders are enabled.

  • The settings can aways be edited from the newly created module ‘ExactOnline Setup’ from within ZOHO CRM.
  • Per module, ensure that all fields are mapped according to your ZOHO CRM Configuration
  • You can choose whether you synchronise all new entries or just the entries that have related synchronized records.
  • If you choose to switch on ‘Sync On/Off’ all new records in ZOHO CRM and in Exact Online will be synchronised.
  • If you choose to switch off ‘Sync On/Off’, then only new records in ZOHO CRM and in Exact Online will be synchronized when they have a related record for which synchronization is enabled.


  • If a contact is created and ‘Sync On/Off’ is selected the contact will be synchronized
  • If a contact has no related invoice and ‘Sync On/Off’ is deselected, the contact will not be synchronized.
  • If a contact has a related invoice and ‘Sync On/Off’ is deselected, the contact will be synchronized

Synchronise Invoices from Exact Online to ZOHO CRM

  • Each Invoice created in Exact Online is pushed towards ZOHO CRM.

Synchronise Invoices from ZOHO CRM to Exact Online

Exact Online has a number of fields that are mandatory, but the related fields in ZOHO CRM are not mandatory. We therefore recommend to make those fields mandatory in the field settings in ZOHO CRM as well or to ensure that they are filled correctly.
Fields that are mandatory in Exact Online but not mandatory in ZOHO CRM are:

  • Contacts Module:
    – First Name
  • Products Module:
    – The Product Code
    – The taxes applicable to the product
    – The Unit Price cannot be empty
    – The value for Units
  • Invoice Module:
    – Due date

Please note:

The field ‘status’ in the ZOHO CRM Invoice module will be synchronized with the field ‘status’ in the Invoice module in Exact Online. However, only invoices with the following statusses will be synchronized:

  • Draft
  • Open
  • Processing
  • Printed

If you desire to create invoices and ensure that they are not, or not yet, synced to Exact Online we recommend to add a possible value to the field ‘status’ in the Invoice module withing ZOHO CRM, for example the value: ‘no sync’. This way you can ensure that invoices with these statusses are not synced to Exact Online. This way you can add invoices to ZOHO CRM that need more editing or approval before they are sent to Exact Online.

Deleting Records

  • For security reasons, it is not possible to delete records in ZOHO CRM when you are working in Exact Online, also it is not possible to delete records in Exact Online when you are working in ZOHO CRM.

Monitoring ‘Exact Online for ZOHO CRM’

  • The synchronization status from records is monitored from the signal function in ZOHO CRM
  • When you click the signal you will see the message relating to the signal :
  • And when you clink on the message, you will find the content of the message. In this example the message saying that the contact was not synschronized as the mandatory field for Exact Online ‘first name’ was empty.

Accessing settings, editing preferences or closing ‘Exact Online for ZOHO CRM’

  • When you go to the Marketplace and edit ‘Exact Online for ZOHO CRM’ you can edit the settings or ‘Exact Online for ZOHO CRM’ .
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